Incamera Arts Collective

The Incamera Arts Collective is a group that meets at madlab in Manchester and talks about film or alternative based photography. The sessions are free to attend and the next one is 11/10/12 which starts at 7pm and finishes at 9pm

In their own words they are: “A photography group based on alternative processes and techniques in photography.There are no limits and no rules,show off your creativity and enjoy the creativity of others.Whether it is film or digital come along and show us your experimental techniques.”

This week they have a guest speaker called Jonathan Stead

You can follow Incamera on Twitter:

Take a look at their flickr page:

or take a look at the madlab site here:

I suggest if some of you fancy going along to this you arrange to take a trip down on the train/in a car as a group, it certainly sounds very interesting.


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2 responses to “Incamera Arts Collective

  1. Sorry I am at work that evening and there’s no chanceof swapping the shift

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