Alderley Edge Autumn Fieldtrips 2014

For the attention of current Level One Evening Photography students.

Alderley Edge

Just a reminder that the ABC Level One Photography group will be visiting Alderley Edge as part of their course.
The dates are either Sunday 26th Octber or Saturday 8th November. Please note the first date is this weekend!
The first session is fully subscribed but there are still places available on the 8th November trip for those who missed the sign up.

For each session we will be meeting at 10am in the National Trust car park next to The Wizard pub on the B5087 Macclesfield Road between Alderley Edge and Macclesfield.
There is a map link here:

Please bring a 35mm film camera if you have one of your own. If not we will have a supply of college film cameras to borrow for the session. We will also have a stock of black and white film to purchase on the day. Film will cost £5 per roll.

We will be staying for at least a couple of hours and we will be shooting a roll of black and white film each concentrating on form, pattern and texture.
You should also use your digital cameras to take plenty of shots too. Again look at form, pattern and texture but also try to capture the autumn colours we should get at this time of year.

There will be a briefing before we set off taking photographs. Please arrive at 10 am for the briefing and to pick up a college camera and some film.

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Final Major Project Images From Level 3 BTEC Photography





Its been very quiet of late on the Maccphoto blog, all effort has been put into getting the second year BTEC photography students through their final year (results of the fruits of their labour below!). However, the BTEC Extended Diploma students have now finished their final major projects and, in turn, passed the course! The exhibition went really well with lots of very positive feedback from the general public. Below is a small taster from each students final project. We were incredibly proud of every single one of the students and we cannot wait to see what work they produce in the future either at university or in the big wide open world! Below are a selection of the final projects…

Kane Adamson

As a photographer Kane has always been preoccupied with colour, for his FMP he has carried this tradition on and has produced some beautiful still life images of frozen flowers trapped in ice. The project is incredibly vibrant, fresh and at times abstract. Kane is looking to sell some prints of these at the local ‘Treacle Market’ so if you’d like to purchase any of his prints get in touch at and I’ll pass the message on. Here’s what Kane has to say about his project: “I wanted to encapsulate the colours and vibrancy of spring, before the blossom withered and died. To do this I froze the flowers in water and then photographed them with a macro lens. The result is an abstract selection of the colours and shapes of spring”.


Alexandra Dewhurst

Rather than using a camera for her final project Alex instead decided to use a scanner, she manipulated her images by asking her subject to move around as the scanner sensor passed over them the, result is a compelling and surreal series of images that illustrate the distorted view that young people can have of their identity.

Alex say’s: “The concept behind this work is linked with the chronic mental illness ‘Body Dysmorhpic Disorder’ which means people can be obsessed with a minor or imagined flaw, individuals think they have a defect in either one or several features of their body, which causes psychological and clinically significant distress.

Using the process ‘scanography’ for my FMP, creates the idea of someone being trapped-unsatisfied with their reflection when they look in the mirror, which can be perceived and emphasized through the scanner. Images made with the scanner appear as if the person is stuck behind the screen, like they are emotionally, linking with my concept of a person being insecure about their appearance, almost as if they feel like a prisoner inside a body they do not want”.



Faye Dixon

Faye has produced a really interesting portraiture project for her FMP. She created psychedelic repeated patterns in photoshop and then projected them over her male and female models. Inspired by 60’s psychedelic art Faye said: “Peter Blake and Roger Deans music related art have inspired my project, it was my intention to incorporate people or portrait photography into psychedelic art”.  

faye-6 faye-2

Dean Holland

Dean has produced a really unique body of work. He started off by going out and shooting street photography on 35mm film, he then produced a number of 10X8 silver gelatin prints in the darkroom. After evaluating his work he wanted to see where else he could go with the project. Inspired by a variety of contemporary artists, he went about cutting the people out of the prints and replacing them with fabric that he felt represented them. Dean says:  “Appearances aren’t always as they seem, everyone is judged by the way that they look. So what if that ‘look’ was removed and replaced with something that represented the person? That is when you see the open book, not just a cover”.

Deans002 Deans 003

Aaron Munro

Aaron’s project is based on the demise of analogue technology and the rise of digital capture in contemporary photography. The images were shot using a long exposure technique in the studio. Aaron chose to shoot his project using a medium format studio camera, the images were then scanned digitally. During the scan Aaron manipulated the scanning process, degrading the image, causing the digital artefacts on the final images.

Stephanie Walden:

Stephanie is primarily interested in macro photography. This particular project was inspired by contemporary fashion/product photography. Stephanie has produced a surreal series of photographs of eyes, overlaying textures and altering the eyes slightly in photoshop, here’s what Stephanie has to say about her work: “I love finding abnormalities in everyday life, and I try to use my camera as a tool to investigate how some things can look perfectly normal until you take a closer look and then they reveal their inherent weirdness”.

steph 18x12-4steph 18x12-1

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of the BTEC photography students, you really have produced some outstanding work over the past two years and its been a pleasure teaching you all. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the prints get in touch at and I’ll pass the message on to the students.


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Long Exposure Photography

A selection of images from the Monday evening beginners photography group.



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Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light



Richard Avedon was  a 20th century giant of fashion and portrait photography who effortlessly straddled the line between commercial and personal work, sustaining his unique vision throughout. This documentary gives a great account of his work and the restless charisma  of the man behind it.

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Apples, Pears and Paint: How to Make a Still Life Painting

For ABC students and anyone else with a remote interest in still life, this comprehensive account of the genres history  covers everything from the Renaissance, right up to today’s photography/video offerings. Expires on Iplayer on Sunday 12/01/14 so catch it while you can!


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 17.34.13


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Long Live Film

Earlier this year, Indie Film Lab, a lab dedicated to film shooters, decided to take a road trip. It was from Montgomery, Alabama to Las Vegas, Nevada. During that time they made a documentary about it. It is called “Long Live Film” on the trip they talked about why they shoot film. They talked with other photographers about how they feel about film photography. In essence its about their love of film photography.


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Dodge and Burn Look in Photoshop in 20 Seconds

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